NaNoWriMo is Coming

It’s almost that time again.

I have done National Novel Writing Month (the challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days) every year since 2012, and I have won every time. It doesn’t work for everybody. I’m not competitive by nature except against myself, but that’s enough to make NaNo an excellent excuse to kick some ass: I dare myself to do it, and then I do.

On some deeper level, I enjoy it. Climbing into a pressure cooker and seeing what sweats out of me is a unique creative experience. On the surface, it is a white-water rapid ride of All the Feelings.

That said, if you follow me on social media, or know me in real life, please know that for the month of November I will exist mostly in BookSpace. Reality will come second for a while. Expect erratic behavior, weird(er) hours, and excessive caffeine consumption.

This year, I will be writing the second book of the Planetary Tarantella trilogy. I have some notes. I’m hoping to have a coherent plan by November 1st.

And if not…


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