Phaethon: The Book I Can Talk About Now

Some of you probably saw the official announcement on social media that one of my novels, Phaethon, has been acquired by Pandamoon Publishing. Since that info is now public, I can tell you about the book. Huzzah! You may have seen some of fan art for it floating around my pages, specifically the siren with “Hold Fast” tattooed on her knuckles.

Here’s the story:

“Jack and Rosie are a hacker couple who crack technology and offer tech services to supplement their meager income. When a new smartphone is released, they snag one of the first devices on the market. Attempts to hack it yield unusual results. The Phaethon device is impervious to their skills. It has abilities that seem technologically impossible. As Jack and Rosie look further into the device and its makers, they discover that their new tech toy is actually powered by an old-world energy source: a living creature that identifies itself as a faerie.

The two overwhelmed techies hunt for more information. They find out that a new power among the fae is enslaving others and manufacturing tech to control both human and faerie populations. Jack and Rosie enlist the help of a few friends, and go to war to save two species: Their own, and one they never knew existed.”

Phaethon is decidedly my best work to date, which is why I pursued traditional publication for it. It’s also friendly to a wider audience. While Post-Collapse was more or less specific to twenty-somethings who appreciate good profanity, Phaethon would be relatively safe to read out loud in public, though probably not in church. It does contain a few emotional punches. Nothing my readers can’t handle, I’m sure. As always, it does have some humor as well, since I don’t seem to be capable of writing more than a few pages without tossing in the proverbial banana peel. Overall, I honestly think you’ll like it. I’m excited.

I’ll keep this blog updated with publisher news, as well as the goings-on of the second self-published Planetary Tarantella book.

Now excuse me while I do a very long dance of antici

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