Pretty sure I covered this at some point, but yes, my blog posts here are kind of sporadic. It’s part of the chronic illness deal. Some days you blog, other days you get tested for lupus for the third time and doctors take all your blood like professional vampires. Thems the breaks.

That said, I do a slightly better job at keeping up with blogs for my publisher, so if you want to read those, find them here.

Also, friend of the WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl blog Ashe Armstrong is having a Kickstarter for his new book. I will vouch for its awesomeness. You can pick up digital copies of books one AND two at a backer level of $15. So go kick it!

Okay, that’s all, folks! Have a good day!


…Oh, I’m actually supposed to blog about something? Oops. I don’t know why you all want to know about what I’m up to. Most of it isn’t terribly exciting. I write things, and I edit them. I play ukulele. I go to doctor appointments. I play Borderlands. I fiddle with my diet to try to be less sick. I sleep a lot. That pretty much covers the last month.

I did promise some of my followers a recording of “Baby, I’m An Anarchist” by Against Me! as played on ukulele, so here’s that as well.


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