As you can probably tell from the title of this blog being “Title,” my composition skills are failing me. The brain is tired. In a better place than the last few months, but tired.

Still, the gap between blogs was bordering on too wide to jump, so here’s a wobbly platform to stand on between now and when we next catch up.

I have been working hard. And when I say “working hard,” I want to give you some idea of what I mean: I have been editing one book of my own before it goes off to the publisher, editing a book of someone else’s before it goes to press, serving on the Organizing Committee of an NYC-DSA Branch, and going through physical therapy. This is a lot for someone whose physical energy maxes out at about 30% of an able-bodied person.

So you can see how writing blogs hasn’t been my strong suit lately.

The good news is, there is likely a new book coming within the year.

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