Pandemic! At the Sewing Machine

Well, this is all pretty terrible, huh?

Since COVID-19 started getting serious, I’ve been sewing masks.

Writing is work, but it’s also a luxury. (Please see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs before leaving angry comments.) My publisher is still hard at work doing their thing, so Pharos still has a chance of coming out this year, but the making of new words is on hold while I do things that are more important right now.

I learned to sew as a kid, but hadn’t done it much since, so in the last few months I’ve rediscovered the 10,000 ways to make a rats nest in a bobbin case on my way to getting good again. The sewing machine and I are finally on mostly friendly terms. I’ve made almost 100 masks since I started counting, a tally that leaves out all the early experiments and those made for myself and my immediate circle. I’m actually getting pretty good at it now. Each mask is shipping with an info sheet and extra paper filters. People have donated enough supplies for me to keep making masks for months and giving them away to anyone who needs one, so that’s what I’m going to do.

If you need one, you can email with a size (s/m/l) and a masc or femme preference for fabric. I’ll make you one as soon as I can.

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