Fundraising for Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom

My DSA Socialist Feminist team, Reproletariat, has started fundraising for the Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom fund! Join me in making abortion accessible for those who need it by clicking here and pitching in your spare change.

If I personally raise $300 through my donation page, this is the bribe: I will create a repro-rights-themed body paint photo shoot and post it without watermarks or DRM, so anyone can use it for future fundraising or awareness campaigns.

If you’ve never needed an abortion, maybe you haven’t thought about what it’s like. Like all healthcare in America, it’s stressful. It’s expensive. Unlike most other healthcare, it’s also stigmatized, and people who will never need one have tried to outlaw it. This means that while facing the decision, the expense, and the stigma, you may also have to travel to another state and rely on strangers to get you through an unnecessarily complicated procedure. Abortion funds are trying to be good strangers.

If you or someone you love need an abortion but can’t afford the many associated costs, please contact the fund. They will help people until the money runs out.

And let’s make sure the money doesn’t run out.

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