Long Absence, Few Words

First off, it’s nice that I can post any old thing on this blog and y’all read it anyway. You might be here for the politics, or the writing, or the queerness, or the book recs, but you seem to keep reading regardless of my dumping uncategorized content in here. I love you, too.

In the personal sphere: Went back to Vermont last week. Met friends from ages ago as their more fully-cooked adult selves, which was nice. Climbed a very small mountain. Got tattooed.

In books: Still working on two writes and one edit. Planning to cheat at NaNoWriMo by working on an existing project, but I should be able to polish off one of those two books in writing by the end of that month. Life has been more action than fiction this year, but I did more good that way. Still trying to balance both.

In political junk: I have signed up for too many things. Informal collection of friends writing letters to government has been dubbed Activist Scouts. DSA has so many opportunities to do good work in the community, on and off my feet, that I accidentally signed up for more work than I have waking hours, but there’s lots of people to do the work, so I’m working on scaling back. Still marching. Still painting signs. Still teaching.

In health news: Well…I mean, what do you want to know? Right now I’m laid up because I took too many stairs to get to the 4 train and my knee (not my hips for once!) gave up. Heart meds seem to be helping, so with any luck, it will be a while before that part of me ‘splodes. Still working on my vitamin intake. Meds are now a nice coordinated pastel collection, so it looks like I swallow an Easter egg every day. Weight is good. Feeling as good as can be expected. 7 Day Forecast: Happy with a high chance of aches.

If I missed the category you signed up to this blog for (what else do I do? DIY projects? Feminist rants?) feel free to put in requests in the comments section. More Ask An Apocalypse Author blogs are coming soon.

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