Updates from NaNoLand


Okay, no, but seriously.

It’s National Novel Writing Month again, that time when novelists and novelist hopefuls set out to write 50,000 new words in one month. This year, I’m a NaNo Rebel (as defined by the NaNo show-runners) because I’m working on an existing project that already had ~30k words on November 1st. This works out well, because it needs about 40k more in order to be finished…not the full 50k, so I can give myself a few days off without failing, but still a pretty serious number that means I need to buckle down.

So far, NaNo is going more or less as usual for me. Week one was full of thrilling, overachieving, victorious days. Week two is a disaster in which I came down with the plague (read: severe cold) and dyed my hair a color about which I have mixed feelings. Still aiming for 1,667 words per day. Yesterday I only got 1000, but otherwise I’m on track.

Not gonna lie to those eyeballing NaNo and thinking of giving it a shot; it’s hard. By week two, your brain turns into a sort of husk. By week three, everything else in life has lost all meaning. At the end of the month, you’ve forgotten how to be a normal person entirely.

But hey. 50,000 new words.

See you on the other side.

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