Patreon Is Live!

Seanan McGuire, Cat Valente, and a number of other authors I respect immensely were talking today about using Patreon to fund some of the things that keep authors alive and working, like health insurance and a cushion in case of expensive disaster. They make a lot of sense. So I’ve started a Patreon. Patrons will get access to exclusive content, and it can also be used to ‘hire’ me as an editor.

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What It’s Like to Live With EDS (Because Clearly People Still Don’t Know)

Recently, I found out that a friend who shares my illness, a friend who was instrumental in my pursuit of diagnosis and proper treatment and who is a publicly visible advocate for disabled people, was being stalked by someone who accused them of “faking” and “has a friend who is writing an article about it.”

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Health Update

There’s a lot going on in this body.

It’s amazing to me that so many people get to go through the first thirty, forty, fifty years of their lives without thinking much about their meatsuit. It doesn’t interrupt them. It doesn’t stop them from going places. It doesn’t rebel when they eat perfectly normal things. Amazing. If you have that, please take a moment to appreciate it.

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